Andrew Wyeth, Christina's World, 1948

Perseverance by Promise
A Study of the Sermon to the Hebrews

“The Jewish Christians to whom this letter was sent were in the author’s view in serious spiritual danger...the striking sequence of warning passages, combined with the repeated exhortations to persevere suggests their continued allegiance to Christ was in doubt and the author was seriously worried they might give up their Christian profession altogether. One reason for concern was the suffering and persecution they had already faced...these Jewish Christians might well look over their shoulders and wonder whether they had taken the right step, and the more so when following Jesus seemed only to have brought greater the writer’s argument from the opening salvo to the middle of Ch. 10 consists of a series of comparative studies in each of which the glories of the OT religion are shown not to be succeeded by something “better” the ultimate fulfillment that has come through ‘the Son” ...surely there can be no going back to the old way when the new is in every way better.”   -Tremper Longman, EBC, 23-25 

Available here are two discipleship resources. There is a replay of the sermon as well as a link to a “PDD Booklet”. A PDD Booklet is a study guide which is meant to be used while listening to the sermon. Folks wishing to study the content of the sermon from the book of Hebrews through out the week will find these resources to be very helpful. *Please note the PDD Booklet is meant to be printed in a booklet format using the office printer, this is the reason why the pages and content are scrambled around. If you wish to pick up a printed copy of the Hebrews PDD Booklet, please contact Director of Adult Discipleship Ministries, Rob Davis. 


If you are looking for the Micah sermon series, please click here. 

What is Pulpit Driven Discipleship?

Discipleship from the pulpit to communities therein pressed into the head, heart and hands of image bearers of God every day. 

Pulpit Driven Discipleship is the name of a process of discipleship. Discipleship begins on Sunday with the sermon faithfully preached by our pastors then the message of sermon is digested and pressed into the heart throughout the week through prayer reflection and discussion in the home or in smaller discussion groups. It is in this context that life transformation and growth occur. The pastoral leadership team and the Adult Discipleship Ministry Team are excited to walk together this Fall through the message of the Book of Micah. Please prayerfully consider incorporating PDD as your primary means of discipleship. We believe that PDD is appropriate for individuals, couples, families, and groups of all kinds. Director of Adult Discipleship Rob Davis welcomes discussion, questions, and comments of all kinds. Rob Davis 706-252-5216,

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