Our Logo

A Graphic Image To Reflect Our Identity

The Cross Is Central

First Presbyterian Church has a foundational legacy of being a Christ-centered church focusing on knowing Jesus Christ and making him known. The Cross is the graphic reminder that we preach Jesus Christ and him crucified.

This graphic touch point reinforces our mission as a church. The Cross is bold and central in the image, just as its message must be bold and central to all that we are and do.

The Cross is formed by four arrows pointing to its center, depicting the core value of Christ-centered, life-transforming worship and teaching at FPC Rome, and the source of our unity as a community of faith, supported by the four key emphases of our Mission Statement:

  • To live together in authentic and loving fellowship
  • To make and mobilize disciples
  • To share the Gospel in word and action locally and around the world
  • To serve sacrificially the community in which God has placed us

The arrows are open on all sides forming paths to the Cross that we hope our key emphases will build, and they are of different colors representing the diverse journeys our people walk to converge as one in the shadow of the Cross.

The Arched Window Is Distinctive

The Cross is surrounded by an outline of an arched, stained glass window. This is a distinctive architectural feature of both our historic Sanctuary, as well as being intentionally carried over into our Christian Life Center, unifying the older and newer portions of our buildings. The arched window profile is an acknowledgment of our rich history and iconic building design, as well as a reminder of our strong historical connection to the community of Rome.

Together the Cross and the arched window make a simple, distinctive graphic image to represent this church and to reinforce our core values, commitments and mission. We believe it will be easily recognizable in all its applications, branding us in our own minds and in the mind of the community with a story about us that is authentic to who we are, and who we believe we are called to be.

To Know Jesus Christ and to Make Him Known

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