5:30PM - Wednesday Nights at FPC

Wednesday, April 03, 2024, 5:30 PM - 7:15 PM

From September through April, we gather in King Hall for a meal from 5:30PM til 6:00PM. The seating is open seating, and we encourage folks to be intentional about sitting with a variety of different church family members or visitors.

Our meals are provided by one of several local caterers, and will be publicized on the church website each week, along with a reservation form.

After dinner, folks of all ages move to their respective discipleship activities...

  • Nursery 8 weeks-1 year in Education Bldg. 1st Floor
  • Bible Zone 2/3 years in Education Bldg. Room 207
  • Bible Zone 4 years/Kinder in Education Bldg. Room 206
  • Summit Grades 1-3 in Education Bldg. God’s Garden
  • Girls Small Group Grades 4-5 in Education Bldg. Room 205
  • Boys Small Group Grades 4-5 in Education Bldg. Room 204
  • Communicants Grade 6 in Hardy Classroom
  • Jr. and Sr. High Students in the Crossing
  • Chancel Choir Practice 6:15-7:30 in the Sanctuary
  • Community Groups (More Information)
  • The Beauty of Divine Grace - This class will discuss how the five solas give us the heartbeat of the gospel and the road map for the Christian life. (Fellowship Hall; taught by Dennis Darville, Ryan Okubo, and guest speaker Pastor Gabe Flhruer, the author of The Beauty of Divine Grace.)
  • Presby-What - This 5-week study is an introduction to Presbyterianism and the basics of our faith. Please email Cheri McElroy at (Hardy Chapel; taught by Rob Davis)

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