Worship at FPC

Foundational to the mission of FPC Rome is the proclamation that, “By God’s grace alone and to his glory alone, we exist to worship God in his greatness and his holiness with Gospel-driven passion and integrity…” Each Sunday morning we hold two worship services with that same foundational purpose in two different locations at the same time of 10:30 AM. Our Classic Service meets in our Sanctuary, while our Convergent Service meets in King Hall, which is in our Christian Life Center. Our pastors rotate preaching and leading worship (along with other church leaders) at each service. Because of this rotation of our pastors who will preach the same sermons on different weeks in each service, we believe you will find it best to consistently participate in one or the other of our services rather than switching between them.

Both of our worship services are ordered in such a way that the Gospel story is proclaimed anew each week through the elements of Word and sacrament, creed and confession, prayer and song, with each service having its distinctive way of doing so. We invite you to participate in each service so that you can know the breadth of worship of this body of believers, and decide which of the two services most fully engages you in the worship of God. We encourage all who worship with us, though, to recognize that our personal engagement in worship is more dependent on the preparation we make to come before the face of the Living God with the body of believers, and the investment we make in that corporate worship, than on the distinctive nature of the service itself.