9AM Early Worship Service

Our 9AM Service is built firmly on the historic traditions of worship that have been a hallmark of our Reformed tradition for generations. Solidly built on the unchanging foundation of the faithful proclamation of God's Word, it includes many of the classic elements of Reformed worship such as prayers, creeds, confessions, and the proclamation of the Gospel through the gift of music. As in our 11AM Service, these elements of our 9AM Service are ordered in such as way as to tell the story of the Gospel anew and afresh each week.

We fully believe that "classic" worship can be just that… new and fresh each week as the people of God gather in the house of God for the worship of God. We are firmly committed to including the traditional elements of worship in this service, in their familiar expressions, believing that they continue to be a strong means of bringing the people of God before the face of the Living God, and there to offer to Him the praise and adoration which is rightfully His and His alone. In the beauty of our historic Sanctuary we are confronted with the beauty of God Himself. In the majesty of the organ and through the ministry of our Chancel Choir and the rich words of ancient and modern hymns, the glory of the Gospel is driven deep into our hearts. Then, having gathered for the worship of God, we believe we are called to scatter where God has placed us to live as faithful, fruitful, followers of Jesus Christ.

Just as we believe this about our 11AM Service, we also believe that this service reaches deeply into our congregation as many of our people have found it to be the means through which their hearts and minds are most fully engaged in worship. We believe it also reaches out broadly into our community, drawing more and more people into the joy of worship. Being before the face of God in worship creates a hunger to know this God whom we worship better. So, we pray that many who worship in our 9AM Service on Sunday mornings will seek to grow in relationship with God through the nurture and discipleship ministries that are a great strength of our church such as our Adult Sunday Studies, the vital ministry of our small groups, and our men's, women's, children's and student ministries, as well as through those aspects or our church that engage us in ministries of missions, evangelism, and mercy.