11AM Late Worship Service

Our 11AM Service remains true to our Reformed heritage, built on the unchanging foundation of the faithful proclamation of God's Word and includes many of the historical elements of worship. As in our 9AM Service, the elements of our 11AM Service are ordered in such as way as to tell the story of the Gospel anew and afresh each week.

The word "convergent" and all the richness it entails has become more and more familiar to us in the years we have invested in this service. However, we know that it is not a word that is familiar to those outside of our body of believers. In a nutshell, it simply means that we seek to see the historic elements of worship, including the rich words of hymns, the creeds, confessions and prayers of the Church, and most definitely the strong preaching of the Word of God "converge" with some modern ways of expressing those elements, whether that be with new hymn tunes or instruments, or with different ways of engaging the congregation in the supreme privilege and responsibility of worship. Though perhaps more informal than our 9AM Service, our worship will never be casual. In the words of one church that has laid a foundation for our vision for the 11AM Service, "This type of service uses hymns and liturgy which sweep across church history. It just happens to clothe those elements in a more modern style and flow, and recognizes that God has continued to give His Church fresh ways of proclaiming ancient truth. It is therefore a "convergence" of worship expressions, which is why we give it that name." Then, having gathered for the worship of God, we believe we are called to scatter where God has placed us to live as faithful, fruitful, followers of Jesus Christ.

We believe this service reaches deeply into our congregation as many of our people have found this service to most clearly be the way that their hearts and minds are most fully engaged in worship. We believe it also reaches out broadly into our community, drawing more and more people into the joy of worship. As God draws many to enter into the ministry of our church through what they may perceive as the more "open door" of this service of worship, we pray that they will also begin to benefit from the nurture and discipleship ministries that are a great strength of our church such as our Sunday Morning Studies, small groups, and our men's, women's, children's and student ministries, as well as those that engage us in ministries of missions, evangelism, and mercy.