Officer Nominating

Dear Church Family:

 It is time to nominate the next class of Elders and Deacons. The officer's Nominating Committee is seeking your suggestions.  We hope that you make your suggestions after careful and prayerful reflection.  The selection of our officers is a vital matter, of which you are a part.  We encourage you to pray for the Holy Spirit's help in making wise recommendations.

 In making your recommendations, please remember the qualifications for Elders and Deacons, as stated Biblically and in the Book of Order.  The qualifications are listed on the nomination forms. Also, please keep in mind that the differences between an Elder and a Deacon are not primarily a function of spiritual maturity but of giftedness.  An Elder is primarily called to maintain focus on the ministry of prayer and the Word of God and should be committed to and capable of seeking the mind of God for the mission and vision of this body and guiding us to fulfill that, all the while guarding the Gospel message in every aspect of our church’s life, and shepherding the flock that is the body of Christ here.  A Deacon should be committed to partnering with the Elders, taking responsibility for certain aspects of the church’s ministry entrusted to them, which primarily call for the gift of service. These are distinctly different roles which call for distinctly different gifts, exercised in both offices by spiritually mature people called and equipped by God for that particular ministry.  There is no requirement that an Elder must have previously served as a Deacon, and it is quite possible that someone who has previously served as an Elder may be one who comes to mind for you as primarily having the Deacon’s heart of service.

At the bottom of the page you will find two separate links to submit your nominations for Elders and Deacons.  Use the membership list as your worksheet, and transfer your nominations to the appropriate form.  You may return the forms by mail, or by placing them in the nominations box in the church foyer.   Additionally, you may email your response to or submit them online at the church website.  When e-mailing, please list nominations for Deacons and Elders separately.  The deadline to submit your suggestions for nominees is Monday, November 11.

 The Nominating Committee deeply appreciates your suggestions, and will give each recommendation solemn consideration.  After prayer and deliberation, the committee will make final selections.

 Thank you very much for your help in this important matter.

 The 2019 Nominating Committee
 Dan Pate, Bill Brewster, Rick Gilbert, Jay Riley, Angie Stegall, Susi Manning, Ashley Evans

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