Missions Ministry

The Biblical concept of missions is at the heart of the spiritual service of our church. We know that only through the obedience of a few who were faithful to carry out the last earthly command of Jesus was the Gospel spread into the world. We are the beneficiaries of that faithfulness. And so it is with a grateful spirit that we have undertaken the task of continuous growth in our commitment to support the work of individuals and groups (locally, nationally, and internationally). Not only do we feel a commitment to send financial support to missionaries, but we believe that the spirit in our congregation has grown because of the short-term mission journeys of some of our own members. All of our missionaries operate under strict financial accountability. Support is provided from two sources: one, through the regular church budget, and two, through "Faith Promise" giving. The Faith Promise giving allows the Missions Committee to assist in meeting emergency needs, one time gifts as the need arises, and monthly financial assistance to requests from missionaries not previously included in the regular budget. We are grateful for the opportunity and resources to make the contributions we are making. If you would like more information about our missionaries or ways you may become involved, please contact Natalie Pettegrew at .

Community Ministries: We work with our locally supported organizations ministering to the life needs in our community, and also to design and implement ways in which our congregation may invest itself deeply in ministries of mercy. Current FPC Supported Community Ministries

Local and Global Missions: FPC Rome has a long history of supporting workers near and far. Current FPC Supported Missionaries