By God's grace and for His glory alone, the student ministry at First Presbyterian Church endeavors to work in partnership with parents and families in helping students 7th-12th grade trust in and treasure Christ and grow as faithful, fruitful followers of Christ

At FPC, we want to build relationships with you, the parents, and your son or daughter. We want to partner with you in discipling your son or daughter and equip you in how to faithfully engage the ever - changing youth culture your student is growing up in. We want to build relationships with your student through one-on-one meetings, small group Bible studies, large group meetings, retreats, and more.

Ultimately, it is our goal to gather our students in hopes they would trust in and treasure Christ and to equip our students in hopes they will grow as faithful, fruitful followers of Christ. By God’s grace alone and for His glory alone, we hope to accomplish these two purposes so that non-Christians may see Christ in them and begin to consider to love and trust Christ. See our Philosophy of Ministry below to better understand about how we aim to do all of this.

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Our Philosophy of Ministry

We will be a ministry that is:

  • Scriptural - We aim to help our students know what the Word of God says so that they may develop a biblical worldview. We want them to have a biblical worldview because we want every aspect of their lives to be interpreted through the lens of Scripture.
  • Parental - Our ministry is parental. The best “youth ministry” occurs between godly parents and their student. We aim not to be a substitute for parental discipleship but to compliment and encourage our parents as they nurture their students.
  • Relational - We aim to be among our students. Whether it’s taking a student to breakfast, coming to eat lunch at their school, attending their sporting events or watching them sing in the school musical, we aim to be in the lives of our students. We want to earn the right to be heard by showing our students we care for them.
  • Discipleship-orientated - Our aim is to see our students become mature Christians rooted and grounded in grace. So we pursue gradual spiritual growth rather than temporary spiritual highs. Spiritual highs are OK, but they are not our focus.
  • Intergenerational - Our aim is to help students get plugged into the church. We do not want them to merely have a connection to their peer group but to connect to the generations above and below them. We want them to be mature Christians who appreciate their local church and to experience unity by being involved in the life of the church.
  • Covenantal - Our primary aim is ministry to the students of this congregation. This does not mean that we do not pursue students who are not members, but rather that we minister first to students God has given us.

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