Wednesday Nights

Wednesday Night Family Gathering 
Wednesday, October 28
Caterer: Pirkle's

Chopped Smoked Pork Sandwich,
BBQ sauce on Side, Dill Pickle Pasta
Salad, Baked Beans & Gourmet
Chocolate Chunk Cookie.

Meal & Program Reservations

*Due to limited seating capacity, online
reservations are needed for the meal and program,
please contact the church office for assistance*


THE BOOK OF RUTH – Join us beginning Wednesday September 30 for an eight week study of the book of Ruth. The book of Ruth is the story of a family that faces one tragedy after another. It seems as if the Lord has completely hidden Himself from their view. But there is more here than meets the eye. In the book of Ruth we have the story of God active in the lives of His people even when they don't recognize it. We see His purpose being unfolded through the ordinary events in the lives of very ordinary people. In fact you will find that the lives of the characters in the book of Ruth are quite similar to ours.

MARRIAGE SMALL GROUPS – Family Equipping Ministry Team is excited to announce that we will be offering marriage small groups on Wednesday nights at the church this fall (September 30 – November 18). These small groups will be based on a powerful sermon series delivered by one of today’s most gifted preachers, Alistair Begg. The series is called “We Two Are One.” Participants will be asked to listen to the sermons on their own, and privately discuss them together as a couple at home using a helpful discussion guide that will be provided. Then on Wednesday nights we will join together in our various small groups for a one hour session, where the group facilitators will lead discussion around the major theme of the week, and the participants will encourage one another. Please look for forthcoming information from the church regarding how to register for these groups. We have been praying about and preparing for this for a long time, and we are excited to finally present this opportunity to you! For more information, please contact Pastor Jonathan at Pastor Jonathan and your Family Equipping Ministry Team

UNTANGLING EMOTIONS LED BY MANDY WILLIAMS – How do you feel about how you feel? What are emotions? What does the Bible have to say about our emotions? Join us on Wednesday nights as we explore God’s gift of emotions and ways to engage, in healthy ways, the more difficult emotions like anger, fear, shame, guilt and sorrow. Please call the church office if you are interested in attending. “Emotions are strange. They’re strange in that they can make us behave in ways we don’t want to. Strange in that they can flood through our bodies whether we like it or not.....Strange in that most of us don’t know (or even stop to ask) why we are feeling the way we are feeling most of the time” Untangling Emotions J. Alisdair Groves Winston T. Smith

Each semester there is a new mixture of adult offerings on Wednesday Nights at 6:15 such as: Christ and Culture Forums, Pastor's class, PresbyWhat?, and marriage small groups.

Other Small Groups

New groups formed as needed.  Please contact Rev. Bill Pardue at  for more information.