*For the time being we have postponed Sunday Morning Communities, please continue to check back for more details. 

Sunday Morning Communities at First Presbyterian Church are made up of people drawn together for the study of God's Word, Biblical fellowship, and to connect with the mission of the church.  The various SMCs have their own personality or ethos. Some are more focused on specific instructional methods or topics of study. Some are more naturally drawn together around similar age and stage of life.   No matter the internal community connection, the goal will be to draw them together in Christian fellowship and love, and to move us outward into the life and activities of the FPC church body.

Our Sunday Morning Communities are guided by a team of leaders from within each individual community. These leaders work alongside of our Adult Discipleship Ministry Team in selecting Bible study curricula and teachers that best meet the needs of their particular community.  The SMC Leadership Teams are comprised of Community Coordinators who take the lead in building a sense of Biblical community.   The Community Builders provide a connecting presence within the community by keeping the members informed of opportunities for deeper Bible study, opportunities for service and opportunities to engage members of the larger church body in corporate or inter-generational events.  Lead Teachers coordinate the course study and the scheduling of teachers. Community Shepherds are ruling Elders who provide a prayerful and loving presence within the community.


Our community is a place for fellowship and spiritual growth of "thirty-somethings." Our authentic discussions center around discipleship and life application of Scriptural truths. A team of teachers provide both Biblical and topical studies which are relevant to the life-stage of our community.  Meeting Room: CLC Room #205

Gospel Life

Our goal is to 'live out' the gospel in our daily lives...through our relationships and through services to our local community. A team of teachers equip us for this journey leading us in the study of God's Word and in topical studies relevant to our culture. We are diverse in age and life situation, yet the gospel unites us and motivates us to live the "Gospel Life."  Meeting Room: Hardy Classroom #1

Living Stones

This welcoming community of "living stones" originates from differing background and various stages of life. The community strives to live together in authentic and loving fellowship. Our gatherings are led by a team of instructors and include Biblical exposition and lively discussions.    Meeting Room: CLC Room #203

Sola Scriptura

Taught in a traditional lecture style, the content of teaching for our community is rooted in Reformed doctrine. We enjoy question and answer time at the end of the lecture. We welcome anyone to join us and look forward to relating to one another through our reformed heritage.   Meeting Room: Fellowship Hall


In Acts 17, the Bereans were known for studying the Scriptures closely. In that tradition, and in a setting that is both comfortable and welcoming, adults of all ages gather for a great time of fellowship and Bible study. Taught by a team of teachers, our studies include Biblical exposition and class discussion.  Meeting Room: CLC Room 201